Team Flamingo Makes it to the KWWL RAGBRAI Fashion Page

Yes, it's true. If you wear pink feather boas while riding on your bike across Iowa, someday someone might pickup on the fact this is some sort of fashion statement.

KWWL's Rick Coleman was just the man who realized this in Charles City (Chucktown) when he interviewed Z-Bird on Main Street today. Z had just come into town in the middle of the Flamingo pack and was sitting on the sidewalk getting ready to find the home where they would be staying for the evening.  None other than Rick Coleman walked up with his photo journalist and asked for an interview.  (I want to point out that Rick road the 50-mile ride today in 3 hours.) 
KWWL RAGBRAI Fashion video

This evening on the KWWL news, there was a 2-minute piece about RAGBRAI fashion and we were the central point of interest.  I usually have a photo here and a fancy link to the video but can't do that now so just click on the following link to watch the video.

Have you seen us along the RAGBRAI road?  What fashion tips do you have to share?


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MartyLM said...

Congrats! I saw the interview on KWWL last night!! Looks like your team is having a great time. Pulled out my official Pink Flamingo beads in celebration. :-) Enjoy the rest of your ride!