Looks Like a Wet Week Ahead

Looks like we will encounter some rain on our trek this coming week.  I used the weather website, wunderground.com to compile the information in the table above (click on the graphic if it isn't big enough to read.)  I decided that our sleeping situation was the most important, so I posted the forecast for the night of our stay in the various towns.

Please remember that meteorologists don't hold any faith in weather forecasts beyond 5 days so the further out the forecast the less certain we can be about its certainty.

Needless to say, we will have a wet week, so dress (or undress) appropriately.

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Crazy Fox Moon said...

Good luck, Team Flamingo!! I'm pulling for you. I got a couple pictures of some of you today in Kingsley IA. Was so happy to see all the RAGBRAI riders coming through my town again.