Here is a graphic of the route for those of you who are Right-minded.

It is quite northernly.  Mason City (28,000) is the only town/city that has over 10,000 people. Looks like week full of fun.

This Iowa map is from the  interactive maps that have been created so far.  It only cites the main cities because the intervening routes and towns have not been identified yet.

Now if only the snow and cold would leave so that we can hit the roads again. 

Update Notes from Laird Big Bird

2014 RAGBRAI Route Party
Unless you're comatose in an ICU unit somewhere you probably know the 2014 RAGBRAI Route was announced last night.  Kudos to the 14 Flamingos who braved the cold and blizzard warnings to make it to our local announcement party.  

Special shout out to Bonnie Alger who skyped in from Abu Dhabi, to Katherine Brown who skyped in from Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (formerly Saigon), and to Jodi Plopan and Chris Distelrath who phoned in from the Michigan contingent.

RAGBRAI Registration - March 26th Fee deadline for Team Flamingo
Ok, so now you know the route, and and easy one it is this year.  Now there's no excuse not to get registered.  Go to website, pull down the registration link from the menu bar, click on the returning rider link, enter your name and password and fill out the online registration form once you are at the Flamingo team roster.  Register online and send your registration fees to me by Wednesday, March 26th if you plan to ride with Team Flamingo this year.  Hurry up, Z-Bird has already paid so you are WAY behind.

We have leads on housing in Mason City, Independence and Waverly.  Looking for contacts in Rock Valley, Okoboji, Emmetsburg,and Forest City.  Start working your connections for housing leads.

Training Calendar
Working on the training calendar now.  NOTE:  You can subscribe to the Team Flamingo calendar by clicking on the calendar button in the lower right corner of the calendar to the right -------->
It will automatically add it to your Google calendar so that you can access it from your phone, tablet or computer.  Nifty, eh?

RAGBRAI XLII Route is Announced

YES!!!!  It's going to be a northern route this year.  They are even riding through Waverly.  That means that we can sleep in our own beds if we want to do that.

Our ride will happen on July 20-26 this year. Overnight stops announced Saturday night include, from west to east:  (This will be updated when the specifics are released)
    So this year's route goes like this:
    • Saturday:  Rock Valley   
    • Sunday: Okoboji -- 69 mile day 
    • Monday: Emmetsburg -- 41 mile day 
    • Tuesday: Forest City -- 73 mile day plus Century Loop
    • Wednesday:  Mason City -- 36 mile day
    • Thursday:  Waverly  -- 63 mile day
    • Friday: Independence -- 68 mile day
    • Saturday: Guttenberg  68 mile day
      This will be a total of 418 miles with 11,316 feet of climb.

      RAGBRAI 2014: Small towns, big ride (Des Moines Registrar)