Only 36 hours till we migrate to Western Iowa for Ragbrai

Only 36 hours before Team Flamingo takes off for RAGBRAI. We plan to meet at 8:00 on Saturday and leave Waterloo by 9:00. This means that we will be lucky to leave by 10:00 unless a Whinwy Bird wants to dye her hair pink on Saturday morning again . . .

We plan to get to Sioux City in the late afternoon where we will all stay in a generous gentleman's home. That's how Flamingos Roll. We don't need no stinkin' campgrounds because Big Bird, Whiney Bird, and and Crafty Bird usually find homes where we can stay. (Truth is that we carry tents in our vans just in case.)

It's raining and thundering outside but that is OK because this means that the skies will be all rained-out when it is time to ride . . . Riiiiight!!!

I am writing this post using a small mini One Laptop Per Child computer. The keyboard is so small that I have to type using two fingers. That's OK. It's supposedly waterproof so I will take it on RAGBRAI. I will also post using my droid so it should be fun.

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