RAGBRAI Check List

Due to popular demand, Laird Big Bird shared a suggested list of items that are recommended for your RAGBRAI trip. You may have other items that you want to take, but please keep in mind that space is at a premium.  Try to limit your gear (excluding tent/sleeping bag/mattress pad/cot, etc.) to a medium size duffel and a carry on.
___   Bike (computer, trunk bag, etc.)
___   Helmet
___   RAGBRAI rider's tag/packet
___   Spare tubes (2)
___   Tire iron/tire changing kit
___   Sunscreen
___   Chap stick
___   Handiwipes travel pack
___   Hand disinfectant
___   Credit card/cash (don’t count on working ATM’s in rural Iowa)
___   iPod/MP3 player/ear buds/bike sound system
___   Cell phone
___   iPod/Cell phone charger
___   Sun glasses
___   Sun visor or ball cap
___   Cycling jerseys (2)
___   Cycling shorts (2)  (keep separate from Al’s)
___   Socks (7 pairs – wear 1 pair after ride/on ride next day).  Adjust if you wear sandals at night and/or sandals to ride in.
___   Bike shoes or sandals, or shoes with hard sole.
___   Shorts for evening wear (if you can find travel shorts with liners you can eliminate undies)
___   Undies (you be the judge of number needed)
___   T-shirts (one for each night/ each day you ride if don’t have jersey)
___   More money
___   Hood, sweat shirt or windbreaker in case temps dip
___   Pair of long pants in case temps dip (optional)
___   Sweat band or bandanna
___   Sleeping bag/bed roll/cot/bedding (whatever you plan to sleep on)
___   Tent (in case we have to camp or housing breaksdown)
___   Shower shoes or flips
___   Toiletry kit
___   Sunburn cream or spray/mole skin, band aids
___   Camera if phone doesn’t have one.
___   Pocket flashlight
___   Pocket knife
___   Pink feather boas/flamingo adornments and accessories
___   Ink pen, post card stamps, mailing labels
___   Roll of camping TP (for dashes into the corn fields)
___   Towel

Team Flamingo Swag in the State Historical Museum of Iowa

A few weeks ago, Z-Bird received a request from the State Historical Museum of Iowa for a helmet. They were opening a RAGBRAI exhibit  in the museum and they wanted to include Team Flamingo.

After a bit of discussion, we decided that the helmet was not enough.  We needed to make certain that Team Flamingo was properly represented so we included:

  • Helmet
  • Camel Back water bag
  • Jersey
  • Do-Rag
  • Water Bottle
  • Stickers and
  • LOTS of road-weary feathers.

We don't know how they will display all of this, but it is certain that they have the materials to do Team Flamingo RIGHT!

You can see more of this on the History Biker Facebook page in a June 13 posting.