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I am sorry for not keeping up the written blog. Getting timely internet access is difficult on our RAGBRAI ride. I can only send 160 letters from my phone and it Verizon adds a bunch of advertising at the end.

I will be trying to keep you up-to-date through my podcast (see the Gcast buttons in the right column.) I can make these updates through my phone. The titles aren't too fancy (only tell you the date) but if you click on the right arrow in that box, it will play the latest. Click on the Posts button and it will give you a list of the podcasts that have been sent.

I will update the written part as is practical.

Hope that this is helpful.


Tuesday ends in Ames

We had the early birds who included Salsa, Early, Must-Go Mama, California Bird. The later birds were the rest of the flock.

Today's challenge was going to be the 1.5 mile climb before Boone. It was challenging but by not insurmountable. We actually traveled in different packs today.

Went to a RAGBRAI concert tonight in Ames where we saw Styx for only $5 a head. GREAT concert. They really know how to entertain.

Dropped a muffler

On the road for 20 minutes & Big Bird's van dropped it's muffler. Called a friend who took the muffler and left. What will fall apart next on the van?

Finally on the Road to Adventure

We are off! Having picked up Salsa Bird, we are on our way!! Starting off 2 hours late 'cause Whiney Bird dyed her hair pink at the last minute.

Time to Hit the Road!!

It's Saturday Morning and we must head out.

It has meant months of packing and training (yeah, sure) to prepare us for the trek ahead.

Team Flamingo is READY TO ROLL!!!


RAGBRAI begins in one week. As our last ditch effort to Get in Shape, we took a 50-mile ride. This photo shows the other side of our training with margaritas and mexican food. GO TEAM!!! Load those Carbs!!!