Flamingos!! Get a Mudball in Mt. Vernon to Help Monarch Butterflies Flourish!!

RAGBRAI isn't just about riding your bike.  Watch this video to see how we RAGBRAI riders will have the opportunity to disperse these mudballs around the state to help grow the milkweed that can feed Monarch butterflies. 

These mudballs contain milkweed seed and fertilizer so that when they are thrown into gulleys and natural settings, they will germinate and begin to grow milkweed throughout the state.  Monarch butterflies will be drawn to these new food sources and hopefully return to Iowa in great numbers.


BREAKING NEWS!!!! Locations Announced for Beekman's Home Made Ice Cream Stops on RAGBRAI

This just in of immense importance from Amanda "Audrey HepBird" McFadden:

Beekman's Ice Cream
These are the approximate locations of Beekman's Home Made Ice Cream throughout the week of RAGBRAI.

Day 1- On C63 – after Quimby before M21
Day 2- On P41, just before Hwy 7 after river
Day 3- On D41 after Buckeye
Day 4- On C67 after New Hartford
Day 5- On E24 after Vinton, before W26
Day 6- On Hwy 1, west of Solon
Day 7- After Wilton on F58, before Durant

Which one will YOU visit?  Respond on the comments below.

Mike Knapp's Music Players Have Gotten More Sophisiticated . . .

I was looking for music recommendations for RAGBRAI when I found an interesting article from 2013 where a reporter interviewed Big Bird about his music and ended up with a whole genealogical tree of his music players.

CLICK HERE to see the video.

This video shows some of an interview with Laird Big Bird, but CLICK HERE if you want to read the whole interview.