We Made It!!!!!!

Well, we had a wonderful week riding our chariots (bikes) across Iowa this year. 

It was an amazing ride.  We had 100 degree weather on Monday and Tuesday, monsoon rains on Friday morning and killer hills on Saturday.  It was WONDERFUL!!!!
One of the greatest things about the ride was the community that prevails on RAGBRAI.  On Thursday evening, we had two members collide, Northern Bird and Fire Bird, and Fire Bird lost consciousness for a few minutes. Fortunately, she rejoined reality shortly and was taken to the hospital for an MRI. The doctors gave her a clean bill of health and she rejoined the ride.   Friday, we had riders coming up to us all day asking about Fire Bird's health. One man said that she had been in his prayers all day. Believe it or not, the entire Air Force Reserve team (140 members) were concerned for her health.
THAT my friend is community.

BTW, you can decode our Bird names by visiting our Members page on our regular website.

You can also see a some photos of Team Flamingo on our FaceBook Team Flamingo group photo page.  If you have a FaceBook account, you can get to the photo page here.