RAGBRAI Packing List

Trying to decide what to take on RAGBRAI?
We are in luck because Big Bird constructed a check list that you can use to get organized. 
You can also access it through Google Docs right here.   You can download it to your computer from here if you wish.

What did we forget?

RAGBRAI Check List

c RAGBRAI Rider/Driver’s Tags
c Bike
c Bike Helmet
c Bike Computer
c Feather Boas
c Trunk Bag/Handle Bar Bag
c Spare bike tube/tire changing kit
c Water bottles/Camelback hydration pack
c Bike Pump
c Bike Gloves
c Sun Glasses
c Sun Screen
c Lip Block
c Power Bars/Gum
c Toilet paper (to carry on bike in case of emergency stop to corn field)
c Hand Sanitizer/Travel Handiwipes (see above)
c Team Flamingo jersey/biking jersey
c Bike shorts
c Bike shoes
c Shower shoes
c Ball cap/sun visor
c Kerchiefs
c Socks/Undergarments
c Swim suit
c T-shirts
c Shorts
c Windbreaker/hoodie (in case temps drop)
c Long pants (in case temps drop)
c Toiletry kit (soap, shampoo, baby powder, sunburn cream, etc.)
c Towel(s)
c Camera
c Cell Phone/charger
c Batteries
c Cash
c Credit card
c Rain jacket/poncho
c Tent/ground tarp
c Sleeping bag or bedding
c Ground pad/blow up mattress/camp cot
c Flash light

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