Communicating on RAGBRAI Tundo
Riding RAGBRAI is a challenge, but communicating in the Iowa farmlands can be a great challenge as well. 

Here are a few hints:
  • Use the team contact cards that Big Bird will distribute to add your fellow birds' phone numbers to your cell phone.
  • Stay in touch with your team. It is more fun if you coordinate your ride with your team.
  • Connect with your support team at the Meeting Town each day. They will not leave until they connect with every rider.
  • Phone coverage is intermittent throughout Iowa. Use text messaging when your phones don't have coverage. 
  • Pass out stickers in towns to leave evidence that you were there. 
  • When you tweet, use #RAGBRAI as the hashtag.  Your tweet will appear on the official RAGBRAI website at
  • Share your photos with the world. Team Flamingo has a Flickr Group: Team Flamingo - RAGBRAI.  You must be a group member if you want to post your photos. Contact Z-Bird if you want to join the group and he will tell you how to do this. 
Do you have other ideas for improving the team's communication?  Please share them as comments below.

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