Training Continues

Well, last night was a good night for riding.

Per our team's training calendar, we met out in Evansdale at the Nature Trail Head to begin our trek to La Porte. It was a good group of folks. It included Splat (Marybeth), Lazy Bird (Chris), Me (Z-Bird), Carolyn and Bryn Hildebrandt. I just realized that Carolyn and Bryn don't have nicknames. We will have to fix that this week. Wonder what we could use . . .

It was a good ride to La Porte. Carolyn's only quest was to get some ice cream at the Family Tastee Freeze in La Porte. We all happily joined her when we got there. Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the flavor burst ice cream but we had to settle for the twists.

I would guess that we probably spent too much time eating ice cream in La Porte because we didn't get back until dark. I was the only person who didn't have a bike light. It was a challenge riding through the dark at 12 mph - hoping that there wouldn't be any low hanging branches.

Flight Length - 24 miles.

We will be riding up Kimball on Wednesday. It is about 18 miles. Goes right by Weird Bird's (Juanita) house. We fly up to Eagle Center. A small 2-blink town with wonderful people.

The big ride will be on Saturday when we ride down to Center Point for some of the best tenderloins in Iowa.

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