Thursday Ride Gets Shortened

Today's ride was fun. We got off a little late but were ready to have a
challenging ride of 20 miles or more. It was a good group of Big Bird, New
Bird (Carolyn), Music Bird (Bryn), Crafty Bird and Me (Z-Bird).

I have been having a problem with my bike. My odometer stopped working. My
rear tire is wobbly. My bike's squeaking. But I gotta ride!!!!

We took off from Pfeiffer Park. Rode north and then east towards Gateway
Park. We rode into Big Woods Lake but found that the City had decided to
rebuild the trail that leads to Lone Tree Road. We turned around and then
went back.

Big Bird and I discussed lots of different trails that would make up for the
unexpected detour. We were in the middle of the discussion when Big Bird
yelled out, "Deer!" Now I know that Mike and I are close, but . . . .
Really. Here he was calling me "Dear." I was contemplating this when I had
to swerve to avoid hitting a brown four-legged animal that was crossing the

We got back to the cut-off leading over the Million Dollar Bridge. Crafty
Bird said that she had a headache so we decided to escort her back to her
car. By the time we got there, we had all rationalized a reason to stop
riding. I needed to go home to work on my bike. Big Bird had to get ready
for going to Washington D.C. New and Music decided that they needed to ride
to 4 Queens to get an ice cream.

Now we just need to get ready for the Monster ride on Saturday. We will be
riding to Center Point to get some great Tenderloins. Should be a 78 mile
day. That will be fun!!!

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