Team Flamingo
Wednesday night we spent at the Hoover House. What wonderful Hosts. We had a great time, wish we could have spent more time visiting with them. The riders left about 8:10 am. While Bev and I waited for them in Montezuma we saw a blurr that was Lance Armstrong. Chris thinks Lance has only one speed - fast. One of the Tip Top Team road the last block into town with Lance and group. The rest of the day, many people had stories of riding with Lance. Chris has deserted us in the evenings for Team Roadshow. I met a young man today from Team Pella, he had been in an accident involving 20 bikes, fortunately only 3 (he was one of them) had to go to the hospital. I gave him a ride to the info booth at the main campsite so he could find his time. He was banged up, but walking on his own. All the people in the towns have been so helpful and great. Goodbye for now. Kathy

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