It's time for another year of RAGBRAI.

Team Flamingo has been running for 25 years under the leadership of Big Bird (Mike Knapp) and Madam Chair Person - MCP (Mica Lorenz).

This year we will be riding 444 miles across Iowa from Sunday, July 23, through Saturday, July 30. We will begin with the Missouri River in Sergeant Bluffs on Sunday and end with the Mississippi River in Muscatine on Saturday.

You may have noticed in the news that Lance Armstrong will ride with US on Thursday from Newton to Marengo. It is nice to see that after training in the mountains of France for 7 years that he is at last ready to ride the REAL RIDE across Iowa. =-)

We hope to continue this blog as we progress across Iowa. Please read it daily and contribute your comments and questions. We will try to include some photos as we move along.


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Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Have a nice ride!!!