Dr. Z (Z-Bird) Teaches Online Class on RAGBRAI

There are many exciting things that happen on RAGBRAI, but a first for our team was when Dr. Z (Leigh Zeitz AKA Z-Bird) taught a 3-hour online class from the Indian Hills Community College on Thursday night (7/28).  This class, Leading Change through Instructional Technology, was part of a month-long summer session course that Dr. Z was teaching for UNI.  This class is an online course where students do most of their work outside of the weekly meetings, but they still get together for a 3-hour video conference every week.  

This was the first time that Dr. Z had ever taught a course during July.  Due to its online nature, this course was one that allowed Dr. Z to engage in RAGBRAI as well as teach. Because of the class, Dr. Z  rode a few half days so that he could keep up on the school work and provide his students prompt feedback. 

This opportunity was made possible because of the wonderful assistance of Jennifer Sabourin, Director, Student Services, Housing and Retention at the Indian Hills Community College.  In Ottumwa on Thursday night, Team Flamingo had arranged to stay in the residence halls.  Dr. Z contacted the college to see if he would be able to use some of their facilities for the broadcast and Ms. Sabourin said that they would be able to connect him in a classroom in a nearby building, adjacent to the residence hall.

Everything went as planned and it was a wonderful class where 16 Instructional Technology Masters students were able to share the plans they had made for instigating change in their schools or institutions.  A beneficial time was had by all.    Thank you, Jennifer Sabourin and the helpful people at Indian Hills Community College.

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