RAGBRAI Time Again!!!!

It's RAGBRAI time again!!!!!

Yes Indeed, Folks.  Team Flamingo is preparing to engage in its 34th RAGBRAI.

Where will the route take us?   That is still to be unveiled.  In fact, it will be unveiled at 9:00 PM CST on Saturday, January 23.

Team Flamingo will hold the RAGBRAI Announcement Party in the Flamingo Lounge at the home of Leigh (Z-Bird) and Kathy (Artz Bird).  Here are the specifics.

Place:  1304 Laverne Lane, Cedar Falls
Time:   7:00 - 10:00
Bring:   Snacks, Munchies - stuff to eat while watching TV and hanging out with Flamingos.  BYOB.

It will be fun.  We will have a prize for whoever is most accurate in guessing the RAGBRAI route for this year.  Last year it was Carolyn Hildebrand.  What did you do, Carolyn - or is that a secret?

See you then.  You can RSVP to klinkzeitz@gmail.com

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