BREAKING NEWS!!!! Locations Announced for Beekman's Home Made Ice Cream Stops on RAGBRAI

This just in of immense importance from Amanda "Audrey HepBird" McFadden:

Beekman's Ice Cream
These are the approximate locations of Beekman's Home Made Ice Cream throughout the week of RAGBRAI.

Day 1- On C63 – after Quimby before M21
Day 2- On P41, just before Hwy 7 after river
Day 3- On D41 after Buckeye
Day 4- On C67 after New Hartford
Day 5- On E24 after Vinton, before W26
Day 6- On Hwy 1, west of Solon
Day 7- After Wilton on F58, before Durant

Which one will YOU visit?  Respond on the comments below.

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