Flamingo Update - 3/3/14

Hail Flamingos

RAGBRAI Registration.
Ute Brandenburg and daughter Charlotte are returning for the week's ride.  Pat Morrissey and new team member Mike Bachman will be on for four days.  Welcome Mike.  They join Mica Lorenz, Bev Shaffer, Leigh Zeitz, Al Hays, Frank Magsamen, Krisite Austin, Bill, Moria and Katherine Brown as registered RAGBRAI'ers on Team Flamingo.

Those talking about going but not registered yet include Jodi Plopan, Chris Distelrath, Juanita Williams (and her friend and Team Flamingo member Julie from Seattle), Roger and Cindy Hahn, and Deb Shoopman.

How about the rest of you?  Sound off if you're thinking about going for the week or for just days but have made up your mind yet. 

Housing Update
We have leads on housing in Waverly, and Emmetsburg. We have partial housing for the team confirmed for Mason City, so we'll need to keep looking there.  We have confirmed housing commitment for the whole team in Independence.   We are still looking for leads in Rock Valley, Okoboji, and Forest City.

I thought about getting out on a training ride today, but thought better of it as I wouldn't be home in time to watch the Super Bowl.

Big Bird


Anonymous said...

Looks like we have awesome hosts lined up for July 19! Details to follow! per Doodle Bird

Anonymous said...

Finding hosts near Rock Valley has me seeing pink... feathers, that is! Dreaming about this year's ride is helping with the winter blahs.