Fwd: RAGBRAI update

Ho! Ho! Ho! Team Flamingo!

RAGBRAI registration

Z-Bird has raised the bar for the team this year.  Going from the last member to get his registration fees to me for last year's RAGBRAI, he's the first one to be registered and submitted his registration fees to me for this year!  Way to go Z-Bird!

Those also registered for the coming summer are Frank Magsamen, Stephanie Whitmer and all the way from the Peoples Republic of China for her third attempt to complete an entire RAGBRAI -- Katherine Brown --- who is pondering the significance of RAGBRAI "42" in the cosmology of life.

Another Flamingo in the News

Jodi is attempting to shift blame for her pattern of late arrivals to the overnight towns by blaming the media.  Watch this clip and you'll see Jodi betting on a chicken pooping.  Ok - I'll buy this excuse for one night's late arrival Jodi, but how many times can a chicken cross the road to poop on your numbers?

Route Announcement Party - Saturday, January 25
Looking for a host for this year's route announcement party.  Step up if you're willing to host the team.

Also those of you out of state or country wanting to attend electronically -- let me know, and we can work on skyping you in to be a talking head on a laptop screen.

Nuff for tonight - got a busy weekend of Santa gigs starting tomorrow so better get my beauty sleep.

Mike "Big Bird" (aka Santa) Knapp

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