Team Flamingo Swag in the State Historical Museum of Iowa

A few weeks ago, Z-Bird received a request from the State Historical Museum of Iowa for a helmet. They were opening a RAGBRAI exhibit  in the museum and they wanted to include Team Flamingo.

After a bit of discussion, we decided that the helmet was not enough.  We needed to make certain that Team Flamingo was properly represented so we included:

  • Helmet
  • Camel Back water bag
  • Jersey
  • Do-Rag
  • Water Bottle
  • Stickers and
  • LOTS of road-weary feathers.

We don't know how they will display all of this, but it is certain that they have the materials to do Team Flamingo RIGHT!

You can see more of this on the History Biker Facebook page in a June 13 posting.

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