It's wet out there

As I have said before, Monday was the steepest day for the whole week. Climbed 5000 ft. as if that was fun enough, it kind of sprinkled in the morning. The rain didn't really hit until we reached. The halfway point in Corning, We visited the home where Johnny Carson was born (see photo.)
For the last 37 miles we saw lots of hills and lots of rain. Whille hills are a challenge, we just need to "Granny-down" (drop to the lowest gear) and put one foot in front of another until we get to the top. This is a "life lesson" unto itself.
At the risk of being philosophical, RAGBRAI emphasizes many life lessons:
-- You need to prepare to succeed.
-- It is important to have a good support crew or system.
-- Pay attention to your tools/equipment. Everything is riding on it - literally.
-- Work with others to achieve your goals. Everyone helps everyone in RAGBRAI.
-- Your pathway to success may involve a pain in the butt but it's worth it.
Please add your own life lessons. They won't appear until I return to my computer after RAGBRAI but don't let that get in the way.
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